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5 Steps to Balance your Fire Element and Come Home to Peace

  It's a busy time and I totally understand if you don't get time to read all this, but if you have a moment I hope the meditation process below helps you come home to peace. Or just click this link and let Steve's beautiful 'Love is ...

Post-menopausal women! Reduce your risk of Osteoporosis with Green Tea and Tai Chi

  What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a degenerative bone disease where the bones become fragile and brittle.  Osteo = bone + porosis = porous.  Osteoporosis literally means ‘porous bone’.  Osteoporotic bones fracture more ea...

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Love is All there is and You are that!

something special for you...if you can remember who you will be free...

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Growing and Creating in 2013

Welcome to 2013, a year of growth and creativity!
Hi everyone

My apologies for the lateness of this newsletter! I have been in the process of healing an injured shoulder. Its been a beautiful yet challenging journey as the pain has brought to the surface many unconscious beliefs and patterns that I have needed to let go of in order to move forward with  more ease and flow. Wow!  The 'shoulder' had forced me to not 'do' anything.  This has been rather interesting for me!  and yet the bliss of reconnecting with my Self has been worth it! I have been learning and growing so much through this experience and my connection to Spirit has been strengthened.

I'm excited to be moving into this new era with you! According to many spiritual traditions we have now entered a cycle of rejuvenation and peace. These are the times we have been waiting for. We have come to a point where we can consciously remember who we are and live from this awareness. I'm thrilled to be sharing the journey with each and every one of you, as we remember who we are. Our challenge now is to live from our hearts and not be enticed by the old paradigm of separation and fear. Every moment presents a new opportunity to say "yes" to life, love and joy; the only reality that is truly ours. 

"Love is all there is. I surrender to love"

Our gift to the world is to remember this and live it in our lives every moment. This is my commitment and resolution for 2013. Will you join me?

This season we are celebrating the Earth Element; the Earth is our home. In Chinese Medicine it is the element that sustains and nurtures us. It rules the digestive organs of the stomach and the spleen, helping us to digest our life experiences and become more of who we are. 

My favourite analogy for the Earth element, and truly the heart of Wu Tao, is that of receiving everything that is offered from Life , with gratitude and non-resistance. The Earth says:

"open your heart 
open your mind
open your body
and receive what I am offering 
you for your growth and healing"

Reflect on this; whatever comes your way (consciously or unconsciously), you have asked for! Nothing in your experience of reality is accidental. Everything, absolutely everything is there for your healing and evolvement. So, say "yes!" and "thank you!" 

Life will never let you down, just as the Earth is always beneath your feet. The energy is always available for your healing. Gratitude will help you to receive and integrate the experience, so that you can come home to your SELF. 

The Wu Tao Dance process is particularly helpful for when the experience of life becomes difficult or challenging. I encourage you to take your current challenges into the dance. 

If you are new to Wu Tao, find your nearest teacher here.

Alternatively go to our shop to find products and courses to enhance your home practice. 

We are looking forward to dancing and sharing more Wu Tao offerings with you in 2013.

Kaye Patullo Perth Instructor
2013 is a year of growth and truth. If you are feeling a calling from deep within to live with integrity and to have a daily practice of doing what you love...dancing and teaching, then check out the 2013 Wu Tao Dance Instructor Training course.

Here's what Sheonaigh Rennie from Perth Australia, has to say about being been a certified Wu Tao Dance Instructor: 

"All of my life I had wanted to be physical, fit and healthy and to feel good about myself, but until I found Wu Tao I struggled to find a way of exercising that was both enjoyable and meaningful. And then I found it, and life got a whole lot better. Wu Tao is a complete form of exercise; a whole experience. Not only a physical exercise, but one that nurtures the soul, calms the mind, allows for emotional healing and is fun.
  Being a Wu Tao Instructor means that I get to be witness to other people enjoying themselves, relaxing, having fun and being nurtured by an intimate group of like-minded people. Wu Tao is how I choose to share my light and my passion with others. It is a gift that has been given to me to share.
  As well as being able to teach and support others, becoming a Wu Tao Instructor has offered me the chance to deepen into my own life experience. I have released energetic blockages, cleared away subconscious limiting beliefs and healed old wounds. Wu Tao goes deep. It has taught me to trust life and enjoy all that it has to offer. It has given me the chance to melt with the music, to flow and to feel beautiful. Pretty perfect I think"
(Sheonaigh can be contacted at for private wu tao sessions and classes).
Wu Tao Retreats in Bali!
A wonderfully blissful time was had by all who attended our recent Bali retreats. Suffice to say, I am in the process of confirming more Bali retreat dates for 2013. If you are looking to reconnect with yourself in a beautiful relaxing environment, restore your physical and mental health with the gentleness of Wu Tao Dance then please come and join us! New dates for 2013 will be confirmed very soon watch this space or send us an email to register your interest.
Read  Jo Cuttler's retreat experience from the Instructors retreat. (For her classes in Melbourne email her at
Michelle's classes starting February! 
I am pleased to announce that I will be taking over Kaye Patullo's Floreat Class as she is moving to Albany (Southern folks keep your eyes out for her classes there and contact on 0408 844 546). This class was one of the very first groups I ran when I started Wu Tao way back in 2001 and I am thrilled to be returning to this beautiful space.

Classes start on 
Tuesday February 12th at 6.00 - 7.15pm.  It's a combined beginners/regular class so all are welcome and I will be taking it slowly for the first 6 weeks.  

Cost is $150 for 8 weeks or $20 per session
Venue is the Floreat Surf Life Saving Club off West Coast Hwy in Floreat.
I look forward to welcoming new and old students and flowing gently back to peace and harmony with you.  

Check out my facebook page for this event. 
Wu Tao Couples Class
This group class is such a beautiful way to connect with your partner in love.  Learning and doing the dances together brings you to a space of peace and balance.  It's great to get this by yourself but its blissful to share this experience with your beloved.  
Steve and I love doing this class!  It opens our hearts to each other in a beautiful and fun environment and the unimportant aspects of life fall away very easily.
A great way to enhance your relationship, and resolve conflicts through moving beyond the mind!
Beginners Class starts Thursday 21st February at 6.30pm - 8pm
Venue is  Studio 42 at 8A Phillimore St Fremantle
Cost is $300 per couple for 8 weeks or $40 per session.
Call me on 0417 989 397 or email to book your place
News Flash!
Check out our brilliant administrator Kate Sullivan's new website!
Its a wonderful resource of spiritual wisdom for every woman in today's world. Congratulations Kate! Its a beautiful expression of you!  

We look forward to dancing with you in 2013  !  

Warmest Love and blessings,

Creator and Director
Wu Tao Dance
Michelle and Steve

Thursday, September 6, 2012

spring news 2012

Happy spring to you if you are in the southern hemisphere and happy autumn if you are in the north!  In Perth we are experiencing that beautiful oscillation between sunny days and spring rains, the temperature is warming and the daisies and first sprigs of jasmine are flowering!  Spring is the ritual season for me.  I do 3 things to mark it. 


On a sunny day, I find a park with dandelions and make a chain for my hair.  I made one every year for Belle and Dakota when they were young.  As soon as I spot the pink jasmine flowers, I am out picking a few sprigs and filling my house with their delicious scent.  I love the smell of jasmine.  When these 2 things have been done spring is really here for me. Then it's on to the spring detox!  Best season to do a liver and gall bladder cleanse!  If you haven't already received my spring liver cleanse recipe in a previous email, please feel free to request it and I will send it to you directly.

Click here to read about about the Wood Element in Spring.

I have recently returned from our first tour to the US and am thrilled to say Steve and I  had a wonderful time and Wu Tao was received very enthusiastically by our new friends in New York and New Jersey!  Our classes at the Open Centre, a fabulous holistic mecca with cafe and bookstore in Manhattan, were booked out and everyone enjoyed them very much.  It was wonderful to see a room full of smiling relaxed faces! Everyone loved the dances and Steve did a wonderful didgeridu meditation every class which was a treat for all of us. 

Our first class at the Open Centre!

Below is some of the wonderful feedback we received from participants in the class and a link to a sweet blog written by Jennifer who attended our Wu Tao workshop in New Jersey: 

"Hi  MichelleI wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed meeting you and Steve in New York.  You have developed an amazing program, and I am thoroughly enjoying my Wu Tao practice. Anna did a fabulous job last week.  She was so sincere and positive - I know you would have been proud.  I am so sad that the class will be ending tomorrow...The dances are delightful, and they make me feel great, focused...energetic...joyful!  What a blessing.  You are doing what you were born to do.  Thank you for sharing"Sincerely, Jean McDonald (Conneticut)

"I was at the Open Centre for Wu Tao's first class. Michelle's compassion, beauty and good energy just flows from her onto us.  She was great! Everyone should take this class!" Sylvia Phillips (NY) 

Wu Tao products in the book store!

There's a special story of how we got to the US and I would like to share it with you as it shows how profoundly Spirit is at work in our lives.  Last year Steve and I asked Shri Muniraji (the guru at Herakhan Ashram) to bless Wu Tao and our desire to expanding it internationally.  He nodded, smiled his approval and said in hindi that it was a good thing we were doing.  
A few months later we made contact with some of the very special friends we had met at the ashram.  This resulted in one friend sponsoring us to make the expensive trip to the states and another offering to organise a tour and become the first teacher in NY!  We were also supported by other friends in Florida though we didn't make it there this trip.  

I know in my heart that Shri Muniraj made it possible for us to get there and I am humbly grateful for his divine blessing.  Sadly for us, he left his body only a few short weeks ago.  He is a true saint and showed us how to live.  His last message to his devotees was to do karma yoga (your service to the world), and be happy happy happy.  He told Steve and I to be happy like children and that would keep us young! 

Thank you Shri Muniraji for all your blessings.

I would like to return to the ashram in 2013 and am open to taking anyone who wants to make the journey.  It has been the most powerful spiritual experience of my life at Herakhan and I can't recommend it highly enough for powerful transformation and spiritual growth. Contact me at if you are interested in going.

Bali Retreats December 2012!

Its been a challenging year for many of us as we move through the influx of experiences that require us to change, grow and heal. Many people have been facing intense challenges ranging from serious illness, job losses, relationship problems, the passing of loved ones, and even their own imminent death.  While it looks rough on the outside and we understand that all is absolutely perfect for our spiritual growth and transformation,  there is still a level of stress that occurs with such powerful movement of energy. 

My remedy?  A retreat in Bali!  We all need time out to integrate, relax, reflect and heal.  Bali is a perfect place to do this and it gives me great pleasure to announce that I will be offering 2 retreats in December 2012 for those who would like a week or two away to integrate their experiences of the past year and prepare for 2013 peacefully and joyfully.  

I would love to meet, dance and share Wu Tao with you in this beautiful tropical country so please register now if you would like to join me! I need to confirm numbers by October 5th so get on to it now if you want to enjoy the retreat!

The Transformation retreat is for individuals. We will learn and practice the 5 core Wu Tao dances as well as the Tao and Surrender Dances, relax, meditate and rejuvenate. 

In our Couples retreat we will be learning and practicing the 5 couples dances for each of the elements and deepen our intimate relationships through exploration and heart felt discussion and sharing.

Second Wu Tao Study shows improvement for people with Dementia!

We are thrilled to release the results for a second Wu Tao study done in 2011 by Debbie Duignan from DBMAS (Dementia Behavioural Management Advisory Services) that shows quality of life improvement and reduction in the symptoms of agitation for people suffering from dementia.  Debbie will be presenting a poster on her findings this week at a health conference in Queensland.  To view her poster in larger format please click on this link and see how Wu Tao is helping older people in our community.

For carers, support workers and health professionals who want to learn a fun and easy way to increase enjoyment and  quality of life for the older person and implement a non-pharmacological method of reducing agitation in clients with dementia and alzheimers disease. Please click here for details.

If you have an older relative who may enjoy Wu Tao or you think the slightly easier movements may suit you better, check out our Wu Tao Wisdom DVD and start your practice at home today!

Wu Tao Instructors are the best!
There are so many wonderful people teaching Wu Tao across the globe now.  I want to take this opportunity to highlight a few instructors and their websites so you can get a feel for how we are collectively transforming the world little by little.  I am very grateful for the effort, dedication and commitment of EVERY SINGLE Wu Tao teacher. All are humbly and lovingly offering their work in service and there is no better job than that!  These are just a few of the gorgeous women teaching Wu Tao right now. Next month I will introduce you to a few more!  To find a teacher in YOUR area go to our main website at

Diana Bonwick: Victoria

Maki Obakata:  Japan

Joanne Henderson:  New Zealand

Lisa Fabry: South Australia

Megan Reffo: Victoria

Lisa Monk: New South Wales

Gabby Toth: Austria

Jessica Heiler: Germany

Anna Brooke: New York USA

Instructor Training Spring Special

Our Instructor training course is a program that will change your life.  Not only will you gain the skills to teach Wu Tao within your community, but you will learn how to live your life from a deep connection to your Self and Life.  Wu Tao brings you back into balance with your natural state of inner peace, joy and limitless energy.  Teaching it to others is the greatest gift and joy!  

If you want to start the training this Spring (or autumn for northern hemispherer's!) between September and November I will include in your training the Food as Medicine Course, (worth $600) as my gift to you or if you prefer $300 off the course cost.

The next training intensive will be held in Perth 22 - 28 February at the beautiful Kookaburra Creek Yoga Centre.

Here's a moving testimonial from the lovely Lyndall Parsons who completed her training in 2007.  Thanks for sharing your story so eloquently Lyndall x

"Wu Tao came along for me when I had reached a point in my life where I didn't want to live anymore. I had given up on everyone and everything. I had undiagnosed post traumatic stress and severe depression and I decided I had given up.continue reading

Poetry Corner
Aw, it's nothing new, really
You've been there before and sampled the whisper-weaved warmth
Of the lullaby-laced wraps that cradled you in its fairy-filigreed folds
You've felt your soul-whisperer's caress that covered you in lyric-infused liniment
You've nestled in its folds - the folds of your soul-cloak
You've surrendered to the cupid-couplet strumming of your own soul-harp,
Submitting to a luxurious self-serenaded soak in heart-healing symphony.
So, go ahead
Enfold yourself in your soul-shawl and bask in its god-burnished wisdom
Know that you are the chalice that catches the dust from a distant star
Sup from your own inner stream of cosmic knowledge
And drink deep of new-age, age-old healing in soul-swaddled solitude
Nothing new - you've supped there before
It's the brew that sparks the life-light in your eyes
Beaming infinite radiance to others
So tune in and turn up the volume
The world needs your song.
by Shireen Tripp - Wu Tao Instructor Cronulla NSW

Have a beautiful Month,
much love and healing to you,

Wu Tao Dance

Want more peace, balance and energy in your life?

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Wu Tao Winter News June 2012

Dear Friends,

How are you today?  I hope your life is flowing smoothly for you.  I know its not always smooth sailing.  Life brings us a never ending tide of ebbs and flows that at times require us to be a master sailor! A gift no doubt, but often the learning curves can be intense and challenging.  I know I have been in one for the past 12 months and as I look around me I can see many other fellow travellers are also facing master challenges.

I call them master challenges when they involve crisis of some kind.  For me, it was my daughter's transition that made me set sail on a previously unknown path.  I have been communicating regularly and sweetly with Belle over the past months.

Most recently she said, "mummy, from where I am it looks so beautiful on earth!" She showed me a world covered in lights (that's us!). "People everywhere are waking up to who they are! It might look a bit messy for a while, but don't be concerned.  The crises people are experiencing are just the created opportunities to grow and evolve quickly". 

She told me that what we have to do is surrender to the experiences we find ourselves in and we will grow expotentially.  Its all about us remembering WHO WE ARE! As I witness people around me going through challenges, I can see that they are having to delve deep, plunge into themselves and retrieve their inner gold.  This comes in the form of qualities they never knew they had.  Courage, compassion, deep love, forgiveness and joy.  These are the qualities of our true being!  When we find these, we realise how unimportant the 'superficial' world really is! How important it is to be present, love one another and celebrate this life we share.  

So, if crisis appears in your life, don't be afraid. Surrender to it and if you can, be grateful knowing that it has appeared in your world as a vehicle for your growth.  I find the gratitude really helps.  Even when I can't see why I would be grateful! It puts me in a position of openness and trust. 

I have found this phrase from A Course in Miracles helpful. "I do not know my own best interests." My interpretation:  When things look like **** and I can't understand why things are happening, this reminds me to surrender to the SELF that does know, even if I am not consciously aware of it in that moment.

If you are a student of Wu Tao you will know how much it helps the process of trust and surrender to what is.  If you are new to Wu Tao, and haven't yet experienced it for yourself, I encourage you to learn the dances either with a teacher or with the DVD and see how much easier it makes your life journey!  It really works! 

I wonder what your experience of Wu Tao has been?  I hope that it has been a support to you physically and spiritually.  I would love to hear how Wu Tao has impacted on you so I have put together a short feedback survey which I would very much appreciate you taking 2 minutes to complete.  I promise it won't take you longer than that!  Here's the link. Wu Tao Feedback Survey Thank you for your feedback!

New York here we come!

Wu Tao opens in New York City in July! Steve and I will be there for a month offering classes and workshops in New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey!  If you have friends or colleagues in the US please let them know we are coming by sharing this newsletter! If you are in the US and want to join us for a class, check out our schedule at Wu Tao US Tour or visit us at WuTaoNYCFacebook
We can't wait to be sharing Wu Tao with our friends in America and so looking forward to seeing the Big Apple!

Free Stuff
If you want to hear all about Wu Tao from (the horse's mouth so to speak) Here is an interview I did for Global Talk Radio last month. Gives a bit of an overview of what it is and how it works. 

To celebrate our US tour and to thank you for your ongoing support of Wu Tao, I am giving you a free MP3 of the beautiful Tao Dance Music. Click here to download it.  Tao Dance MP3 I know many of you have been waiting for the new CD which will have this music on it along with the stunning Surrender Dance music. While you are waiting for the CD, please enjoy this beautiful track by the very talented Steve Richter. I am sure you will enjoy it. If you know the dance, you will appreciate it for sure!  The music and dances are also on the Surrender to Heart DVD which has the Tao and Surrender Dances along with the advanced versions of the Element Dances. (P.S. the MP3 download will only be available for a  month so download it before it goes offline!).

If you are new to Wu Tao then the Beginners DVD Dancing the Elements may be better suited for you.  You can purchase it here: Wu Tao Beginners DVD

Winter Warmers
Its winter here in Perth and quite lovely to enjoy some rain and wind!  Winter is the ideal time to rest, rejuvenate and dream. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, its the season to nourish the Kidneys. The Kidneys house the Qi, life force energy and its important to build up and tone the Kidneys in Winter.  
If you are on the East Coast and looking to nourish yourself during this time, check out this retreat with Diana Bonwick and Lisa Fabry Wu Tao Winter Retreat

Enjoy this gorgeous Qi Tonifying Chicken Soup
This is a soup I make regularly. You may have even seen it here before! Handed down from my Thai grandmother, it is warming, delicious and very easy to make. Chicken is a tonic for the Kidneys, while the onions, garlic and ginger are warming and pungent, helping to keep colds and viruses at bay. My family calls it, 
Tomato Chicken Rice....
1 whole Chicken, boiled and shredded (boil it until the chicken falls off the bone, in water with 1 onion cut in half, 1 Tbspn grated ginger and some soya sauce.  Keep the stock.  
Heat 2 tbns of olive oil in a large saucepan.  Add 3 tbspns grated ginger, 4 cloves of chopped garlic and 8 spring onions.  Add 1 - 11/2 L of stock (from chicken) or water, 1 can chopped tomatoes, splash of soya sauce or salt to taste and pepper.   Add chicken.   (If you didn't have time to boil a chicken, use 1 kg of diced chicken thighs).  Simmer the soup for 15-20 minutes adding more water if necessary.
Serve the soup over steamed rice.  Add fresh coriander and chilli to serve as desired.

Have a beautiful Month,
much love and healing to you,
Wu Tao Dance

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